4 Week Detox Protocol - Rejuvenate Your Gut

4 Week Detox Protocol - Rejuvenate Your Gut

If you're experiencing common digestive tract symptoms such as gas, bloating, reflux, indigestion, constipation, or diarrhea, it's possible that you may be diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) if you consult a doctor.

However, medications that aim to alleviate symptoms like acid reduction or aiding bowel movements only mask the problem and do not address the root cause.

The CHERISH HEALTH REJUVENATION gut healing is a step-by-step plan designed to improve your gut health. Proper digestion is crucial for nutrient absorption, waste elimination, and immune system function.

When digestive issues arise, they can lead to widespread symptoms such as fatigue, body aches, skin problems, mood swings, and even an increased risk of autoimmune conditions. Improving your digestion can help mitigate these symptoms and reduce the risk of health complications.

So what can you do to improve your digestion?


Welcome to Cherish Health Rejuvenation protocol! We believe that taking care of your body starts with cleaning up your diet. One of the most important steps in gut healing is removing the foods that cause inflammation and create an environment for bacteria, parasites, and candida to thrive. While gluten, dairy, soy, and processed foods are common culprits, it's important to identify which foods may be triggering your specific digestive problems.

For instance, if you're experiencing bloating and gas, a low FODMAP diet may be the best approach. This diet temporarily removes certain carbohydrates that ferment easily in the small intestine, allowing bacteria to thrive and cause gas and bloating. On the other hand, if you have symptoms of small intestinal bowel overgrowth (SIBO), a low FODMAP diet combined with a specific treatment plan can help remove the bacteria and eliminate your bloating.

Our Naturopaths at Cherish Health, recommend eliminating processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and dairy in favor of a nutrient-dense diet that includes organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats. It's also crucial to stay hydrated with plenty of water and herbal teas to support liver function. Gentle exercise like yoga or walking can help promote detoxification and lymphatic circulation.

For recipe inspiration, we suggest trying dishes like roasted vegetables with quinoa and chickpeas, green smoothie with kale and apple, baked salmon with broccoli and brown rice, or herbal tea with ginger and turmeric. By nourishing your body with wholesome, nourishing foods and supporting detoxification, you can feel confident that you're taking care of your health and well-being with the Cherish Health seal of approval. (LINK DETOX TEAS, GREENS POWDERS)


Welcome to the second week of the Cherish Health rejuvenation program! If you have successfully followed the clean diet from Week 1, well done! It's time to take your gut health to the next level with a focus on replenishment. To support cellular regeneration, it's crucial to incorporate more nutrient-dense foods into your diet, such as leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, and antioxidant-rich fruits and berries. You may also benefit from taking supplements like a high-quality multivitamin, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics to support gut health and immunity. (LINK MULTIVITAMIN, FISH OIL, PROBIOTIC)

 Aside from nourishing your body with wholesome foods and supplements, it's equally important to prioritize your mental well-being. Stress can adversely affect our overall health, so it's essential to engage in stress-reducing practices such as meditation or deep breathing to promote relaxation and calmness. 

The second step in the rejuvenation protocol of gut healing is to replace the nutrients necessary for proper digestion. This involves enhancing stomach acid levels with Betaine HCL and Pepsin. Inadequate stomach acid can impede efficient food digestion, especially protein, resulting in bloating, gas, reflux, and reduced absorption of essential vitamins like B12. Sufficient stomach acid is also crucial for killing pathogens that can enter our bodies through the food we eat, preventing bacterial and candida infections from flourishing. . (link enzymes, b12, apple cider vinegar, liver detox caps)

It may also be necessary to replace pancreatic enzymes, which are vital for breaking down fat, carbohydrates, and proteins, and assisting gallbladder function.


While antacids or proton pump inhibitors like Somac or Nexium may provide temporary relief for symptoms like indigestion, they fail to address the underlying cause and can lead to more chronic IBS symptoms. At Cherish Health, we recommend a holistic approach that supports the body's natural digestive processes and promotes long-term health and wellness. Our naturopaths can guide you in determining the best nutrient replacements for your individual requirements.


In the Cherish Health rejuvenation program, repairing the damage done to the body is an important step towards optimal health and wellness. Although removing certain foods and replacing necessary nutrients can greatly improve symptoms, it is also crucial to address any inflammation and damage that may have already occurred.


The small intestine plays a vital role in nutrient absorption, but various factors such as food intolerances, stress, medications, bacterial overgrowth, and low stomach acid can damage the tiny microvilli lining the small intestine. This can lead to inadequate nutrient absorption, resulting in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even if one is consuming a healthy diet.


Furthermore, inflammation and "leaky gut" in the large intestine can cause toxins to be reabsorbed into the body rather than eliminated, creating an environment for parasites, unhealthy bacteria, and yeast to flourish. This leads to further inflammation, which can increase cortisol levels and disrupt hormonal systems such as thyroid function, potentially resulting in increased belly fat. High cortisol levels can also lead to adrenal dysfunction and lower Secretory Immunoglobulin A, a crucial component of the immune system. Dysfunction in the large intestine, where 75% of the immune system is located, can cause a range of immune problems.

Addressing inflammation and repairing damage in the digestive system is therefore crucial for promoting overall health and wellbeing. 

As you complete Week 3 of the Cherish Health rejuvenation program, it's time to shift your focus to maintaining the healthy habits you've developed. After identifying triggers, eliminating infections, and addressing inflammation, it's crucial to prioritize the health of your gut bacteria. Research has shown the significant impact of gut bacteria on our overall health, including allergies, fatigue, depression, and anxiety.


To improve your gut bacteria, simply consuming fermented foods or probiotics isn't enough. It's equally important to incorporate prebiotic foods and high-quality fiber into your diet. Avoid overusing antibacterial soaps and wipes and spend more time in nature, as these can affect healthy bacteria levels.


This week, continue to prioritize a whole foods-based diet that is rich in nutrients, including fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. This will help you maintain the progress you've made so far and support your ongoing health and well-being.

Additionally, consider incorporating stress-reducing practices like yoga or meditation into your daily routine. These can support your mental and emotional health, which in turn can benefit your physical health.

Intermittent fasting or other periodic detoxification practices can also aid in ongoing rejuvenation. This will help you continue to reap the benefits of the program and maintain your progress over time.


Remember, this is just a sample protocol, and it's important to tailor it to your individual needs and preferences. Before starting any new diet or supplement regimen, consult with a naturopath or other healthcare professional if you have any underlying health concerns. Keep up the good work and cherish your health!

Written by Naturopath Cherihan Zaydan 

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